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As you know, EPA Regional Administrator Shawn Garvin has recommended
that the permit for mountaintop removal at Spruce Mine No. 1 in WV be
withdrawn. We have sent the following message to him and ask you all
to call EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and urge her to veto the permit
as per his recommendation.

Please call call 202-564-4700, identify yourself and where you are
from, and ask Administrator Jackson to veto the largest, most
destructive mining project currently on the table, Spruce Mine No. 1.
We are well on the way to victory.

Thank you,


Dear Mr. Garvin,

    We are writing to thank you for recommending that the permit for
Spruce Mine No. 1, the largest mountaintop removal site in West
Virginia, be withdrawn. Mountaintop removal has devastating effects on
wildlife, while polluting or burying streams and greatly harming the
local communities
that depend on them.

    We would also like to express our appreciation to your office for
meeting with us to discuss this issue. We hope our input played some
part in your decision and that you will continue to recommend that
mountaintop removal permits be denied. We will now urge Administrator
Jackson to follow your splendid recommendation.

Cynthia Bertrand Holub on behalf of Philly Against Coal and Philly Rising Tide